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Joshua Tree Architectural Design Build Service

Black Diamond Drafting & Designers in Joshua Tree offers CAD Drafting and Designing with 3D Rendering services suited for Residential and Commercial needs. Browse our custom home projects and let us be your residential designer. We're well connected with structural engineers, mechanical, electrical and plumbing - so this is your one-stop-shop design firm. Let's talk about your house plan! We'll put your design solutions together after a free design consultation.

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People are Choosing to Live in Joshua Tree, California for a Variety of Reasons:


  1. Natural Beauty: Joshua Tree is located near the Joshua Tree National Park, which is known for its unique and stunning rock formations, desert landscapes, and diverse flora and fauna. Many people are drawn to the area for its natural beauty and the opportunity to explore the park.

  2. Peaceful Lifestyle: Joshua Tree offers a more peaceful and laid-back lifestyle than some of the larger cities in California. Many residents enjoy the slower pace of life and the sense of community in the area.

  3. Artistic Community: Joshua Tree is home to a thriving artistic community, with many artists and musicians living and working in the area. This creative energy is a draw for many people who want to live in a place that values artistic expression.

  4. Spiritual Community: Joshua Tree is also home to a number of spiritual and wellness retreats, making it a popular destination for those seeking spiritual growth and healing.

  5. Sustainable Living: Many residents of Joshua Tree are committed to sustainable living and eco-friendly practices. This includes things like using solar power, conserving water, and growing their own food.

  6. Outdoor Activities: The area around Joshua Tree offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking, rock climbing, and camping. Many people are drawn to the area for its natural beauty and the chance to explore the great outdoors.

Overall, people flock to this beautiful section of the California desert to see the Joshua Tree boulders juxtaposed with modern architecture. A desert house design with homage to the Joshua Tree National Park is the dream of a landscape architect. We'll ensure your Joshua Tree house is dream home. Contact us today.

Residential And Commercial Clients

“Excellent experience working with Enrique. He’s a good listener and has great vision. We had so many questions with our project - he showed patience and provided timely responses throughout the process. We highly recommend working with him and his team!"

Jeff Henderson, CA

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